We've learned that by streamlining the prepress process we're able to pass significant savings onto you, the customer. It also bypasses common pitfalls associated with preparing digital artwork for print: embedded fonts and images won't shift, get lost or render incorrectly. Also, we're unable to alter your job in any way. It puts you in control.

With this in mind, we request that all files sent for print be in industry standard formats. We request formats that aren't dependent on the application, fonts or other separate design elements used to create the piece. We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .JPG, .PDF, .EPS and .PSD. At the time, we do not accept quark files, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, or any similar software. These formats can be converted to an industry standard format in a variety of ways(See Below For Details) All file formats must have bit map resolutions of 300dpi/ppi and embedded or outlined fonts.

Sound Confusing? Well it's not! We have provided steps for many different programs to achieve this format. If you have any questions or are unable to supply art in this format, please call us and we will help you.

There is one step that is extremely important.

ALL PRINTED MATERIAL NEEDS 1/8" BLEED ON ALL SIDES Although our cutting staff is extremely precise, we can not guarantee any print job cuts with out the added bleed. There are no exceptions. Also, please keep your text at least 3/16" away from the edge of the piece unless it is an eighth page or smaller. This way your text is in a "safe" area. If you have any questions regarding this policy you may call us, or use our design templates located on our website.



Adobe Illustrator

Quark Express


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